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Coogee auction sold under the hammer in Sydney

Sydney real estate auctioneer Clarence White of Menck White Auctioneers sold this original family home in Coogee under the hammer for Alexander Phillips, David Tyrrel and Phillips Pantzer Donnelley (PPD) in 2020. Multiple registered bidders competed to secure the home which sat high up on the rise to the northern end of the Coogee Beach precinct.

SYdney real estate continues to show resilience despite persistent speculation about a potential drop in market values by the media as a result of the Covid-driven economic challenges. In spite of this reporting, auctions in Sydney continue to clear at approximately 68% and have been so steadily throughout the last month or two. Steady and strong clearance rates continue to defy the media reports and predictions demonstrating underlying strength in spite of the conditions in the Sydney housing market.


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