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In order to bid at a residential real estate auction in NSW, you must register. You are able to register on the day at the auction venue or you can pre-register for your upcoming auction simply by filling in the details below. Pre-registration is open until the night before your scheduled auction day. You will need to supply a valid form of photo identification for the intended purchaser (and the authorised bidder if applicable). Once you have pre-registered, all you will need to do is bring your identification with you on auction day and pick up your bidding card/paddle.



*Individuals - Australia Drivers License (showing your current address and photo) 

*Please note if the person bidding on auction day is not the intended purchaser or one of the intended purchasers to be listed on the contract then an Authority to Bid form will also be required to be presented on auction day. Please download, fill out and bring this Authority to Bid form.

**Company/Entity - Company Registration Certificate / Trust Deed.

**Please note when purchasing in a company or entity name, you will also need to provide written authority from authorised officers of the entity giving you as an individual authority to bid and buy in the company name. Please download, fill out and bring this Authority to Bid (Company) form.


Should you have any issues with the functionality below,  please contact us today.

Register to Bid

To pre-register to bid at an auction, fill out the information below.

Individual ID 1
Drivers License (Front) (max 15mb)
Individual ID 2
Drivers License (Back) (max 15mb)
Company Identification
Company Registration Certficate