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Clarence White crowned Australia's best auctioneer

Multi-Award winning real estate auctioneer Clarence White has been crowned Australia's best auctioneer by winning the prestigious Australasian Auctioneering Championship held in Sydney recently.

Clarence is a five time winner of the NSW state title and clinched the coveted Australasian title on his fifth attempt after going close on two occasions prior.

"This was my fifth time competing in the Australasian Championships. Until today the winners crown has been elusive - but perseverance has finally paid off!"

"In auctioneering circles, this is the award that everyone covets and it is extremely difficult to win. The calibre of competitors, the testing nature of the bidding sequences and the overall test of remaining calm under pressure all contributes to make this a formidable and rewarding competition."

"I'm humbled and extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a winner at this event. It is the realisation of a long time goal and the pay off for literally thousands of hours of hard work."

Clarence navigated two extremely numerically complex bidding sequences with precision to emerge as the winner on day two ahead of fellow top five finalists Robert Tulp (NZ), Stuart Ritchie (NSW), Luke Baitsiotis (VIC) and Connor Patton (NZ).

The Australasian Championships is widely regarded as the peak award available for real estate auctioneers, crowning the best of the best as judged by leading auctioneers from around Australasia.


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