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Clarence White Auctioneer Testimonials

"Clarence never misses a beat strategically and consistently delivers a smooth, sophisticated call that represents our clients and our brand to the highest standard possible.  His ability to read the auction floor with clarity and to intuitively understand what needs to be done at key moments in an auction is impressive. Importantly, Clarence brings real negotiation power to the table. His work with buyers and sellers both on and off the auction floor is outstanding. His contribution in getting deals over the line goes well beyond just calling the auction and well beyond what most auctioneers are willing or capable of doing.”

Alexander Phillips - Phillips Pantzer Donnelley

“Not only is his technique faultless but his audience empathy and ability to read people and respond accordingly is outstanding. Watching Clarence in action you immediately get the impression of someone who is at the top of their game and someone who has honed their skills through countless auctions and countless hours of practice. Without a doubt Clarence is one of the most professional auctioneers in the industry and one of the best I have ever seen.”

John Cunningham. - Cunninghams RE

(Past President REINSW)

“Clarence has to be the most professional auctioneer I have ever met. He takes his job so serious - every aspect of it. That’s what really makes him so great at what he does. We use Clarence exclusively for all our auctions, and I’m never left disappointed, he performs every week."

Dib Chidiac - Dib Chidiac Real Estate

"Clarence is polished, professional and personable in his approach and style and the awards and accolades he has received in his career are well deserved. In a competitive field of auctioneers, Clarence certainly stands out and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough."

Debbie Donnelley - Phillips Pantzer Donnelley

“Clarence’s ability to read the auction floor is unsurpassed. He understands the signals buyers emit and knows exactly when to push, when to allow time and when to use humour to diffuse the tension. He is a consummate professional who brings a lot more to the table than just calling the auction. He has an in-depth understanding of the sales process and is very effective in conversations with buyers and vendors. Clarence was an integral ingredient in building our auction business and market share over a number of years while we were part of the McGrath network and when we stepped out independently he was our first choice auctioneer. “

Trever Molenaar – Molenaar McNeice

If there’s one thing I’m OCD with, its my auctioneer. Clarence is a showman, sharp as a tack and always ON. Not cringy, doesn’t overdo it and is always relatable.. When selecting our auctioneer, I tried to find Clarence’s equal and failed, hats off to CW, the man!!  

William Pereira - Adrian William

“Clarence’s ability as an auctioneer is second to none. He is dedicated to his craft and brings a wealth of knowledge to the auction floor.  Always professional and polite in his approach to both vendors and buyers, Clarence ensures the auction process runs smoothly and secures the best result. One of the best in the business.”    

Matthew Carvalho - Ray White Erskenville

"Clarence is sharp, witty, empathetic, entertaining and fearless. His pursuit to extract the highest possible price for each client is consistent. Clarence doesn’t miss a beat. He allows me time to do what I need to do on the auction floor, its never rushed. I love working with him."

Georgi Bates - Cunninghams

"Clarence is a delight to work with and his track-record is undeniable. What sets him apart from other auctioneers I have worked with in the past is his intellect, being able to accurately read the room and his ability to assist in negotiations when things don’t go to plan."

Adrian Tsavalas - Adrian William

"Clarence White is undoubtedly one of the best of the best when it comes to Australian auctioneers. I’ve had over 25 years experience in the real estate industry and worked with many and I can undoubtedly say I haven't ever run an auction with greater confidence than knowing I have Clarence by my side. He not only makes a huge impression on our vendors and buyers experience of the auction process, but the overall results he is able to achieve for our team are consistently outstanding. I’ve no doubt in his ability as one of the best negotiators in this business, whether it be one bidder or multiple, he always ensures no money is ever left on the table."

Rebecca Fearon - Ray White Balmian

"I've engaged Clarence on numerous occasions and every time he never lets me down. I can confidently say he is one of the best auctioneers I've worked with and can highly recommend him to any potential agent looking to use his services. He is a true professional and a gentleman!"

William Chan - Chan Yahl

"The best auctioneer in the game. He’s sharp, witty and always on point. His ability to read the auction floor is second to none and he knows exactly when to strike in order to get the best price. Clarence doesn’t just show up to call the auction, he’s always ready to roll up his sleeves to add value in a negotiation."

Joseph Ferreira - Adrian William

“This legend is one of the best auctioneers in NSW. His call is consistently of the highest caliber: crisp, engaging and professional. His polish and finesse provide the perfect compliment for our higher-end properties in the $2m+ price bracket. He rings me without fail the day before the auction to understand the scenario and devise a strategy; he is always on-hand and on-point for conversations with buyers and vendors before, during and after the auction; and I love that he is hungry and never satisfied to sell until we have every last dollar.“

Nick Separovich – McGrath Estate Agents

“In 2020 I was fortunate enough to have had Clarence White conduct all my auctions. He achieved 100% clearance rate. An amazing achievement considering some of the scenarios he was presented with. I don't know of any other auctioneer who would have been able to get many of them sold. He's a gifted communicator that has the rare ability to ask some tough questions in a non confrontational manner. His reputation as the best in the business is well deserved.”

Chris Williams - The Agency

"Clarence is my go to every time. Not only does he read the play extremely well but Clarence can operate in any given environment. He doesn’t miss and his style and ability works exceptionally well on the floor or behind closed doors to make the deal come together. I always have confidence knowing if Clarence is handling my auctions I don’t have to worry one bit."

Roger Wardy - Ray White Touma Group

“I have been a real estate agent for almost 10 years and Clarence White is one of the best Auctioneers I have ever worked with. He is an intelligent, tenacious and dynamic auctioneer who consistently executes at a high level and actively demonstrates a commitment to extract a premium from the market every time. Clarence’s ability to read bidders and motivate them to individually perform with his sharp techniques, adaptive approach, and engaging personality combined with his superb control of a crowd regardless of the conditions is exceptional. Clarence adds significant value across all facets of the sale process and has been instrumental in securing the exceptional sale results we have achieved, critical to establishing our reputation in a highly competitive market.”

Benjamin Martin - Cobden Hayson

“Having worked with many auctioneers of high quality over the last 15 years, Clarence White is without hesitation one of the best in the industry. Always the professional and a true gentleman, Clarence is exceptional in all areas of the auction. Clarence is as at home with a single buyer auction as with a multiple buyer auction. Happy to get involved in the negotiations with either party. When booking Clarence, you can expect the highest quality of auction.”

Stuart Bourne - Raine & Horne Lane Cove

"Clarence is a real professional at his craft, an expert auctioneer with the ability to make those present on auction day feel at ease at all times. He has an inate ability to connect with buyers and sellers alike, giving everyone comfort. Clarence offers support to myself and the client in the lead up to auction and on the day - Clarence with the gavel invariably provides the optimum opportunity for a transaction. Thanks Clarence! “

Anthony Puntigam - Phillips Pantzer Donnelley

"Clarence seeks to maximize the result for the vendors on all occasions and represents the property and himself with the upmost professionalism. Clarence is a class act, an integral piece in a successful sales campaign.”


Sean Poche - Phillips Pantzer Donnelley

"Clarence always comes extremely well prepared, is polished in his delivery and is respectful and gracious with my clients and also our purchasers. He adds enormous value to our business both from a results perspective and as a representation of our business in the market place. I would not hesitate in recommending his services."

Michael Doran - Belle Pymble

“Clarence’s style is firm but fun, calm yet electrifying all at the same time. His ability to bring the crowd along with him in tandem with his powerful ability to negotiate directly with buyers and sellers when the chips are down and the pressure is on, make him a potent talent in the auctioneering game."

Jason Roach -  The Agency

“I have watched Clarence White emerge from virtual obscurity into one of NSW and Australia’s finest auctioneers. His consistency, his savvy and his ability to pull out a top-drawer call under pressure are the hallmarks of a premier orator.”

Mark Summich – 3 time Australasian Auctioneering Champion

“I worked with Clarence White for several years, he is a great auctioneer with strong presence and a very professional yet approachable style. Outside of the auction he was fantastic in dealing with both vendors and buyers alike. He was always keen to call the vendors on a Friday prior to an auction to calm their nerves and talk them through the process. In summary he is a great auctioneer and a good guy with a great attitude.”


Piers van Hamburg – McGrath Estate Agents (now Di Jones)

"I have been in real estate for 21 years, I've come across a lot of auctioneers, and I have to say Clarence is 'next level'. The magic he brings to the auction is impressive."

Namir Mikha - Adrian William

“I have worked with Clarence for close to a decade now. He brings real negotiation power to the transaction. He knows exactly what to do and when. He is an astute strategist and a powerful negotiator. He reads the floor perfectly and is never satisfied till maximum price is achieved. I highly recommend Clarence for any agent conducting their auctions.”


Jordan Andonovski  - The Agency Illawarra

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